AIRTNT is the New AIRBNB for Tent Cities Across America.

Venice Beach – AIRTNT is a new company out of Los Angeles, California, and is based on the AIRBNB model of home sharing for money. The main difference between AIRBNB and AIRTNT is the housing structures. AIRBNB lists apartments or houses for rent, while AIRTNT lists only tents.

Founder and LA mayor, Eric Garcetti, explained what AIRTNT is all about:

“AIRTNT was born out of a need for temporary housing, just like AIRBNB.

More and more Democrat-run cities are seeing the homeless populations skyrocket. It’s because of this that we’re seeing a huge explosion in tent cities across America. This is why we created AIRTNT, to house homeless people who are vacationing or just simply passing through.

Also, this is about equity. Why should only employed people who have a full-time home be able to rent a place to stay? The homeless and unemployed should have that right too, and now they do, thanks to AIRTNT.

We don’t have an app, but our model is simple. Any homeless person who needs a tent simply walks through a tent city and finds an unoccupied tent. He then leaves a note on the front of the tent he chooses and then moves in. When they’re done, they just remove the note, leave a tip, and move on. Easy-peasy.

AIRTNT has great options too. Our tents range in size from a small, no-frills pup tent, to a luxurious, three-room canvas tent with nylon-screened windows, complete with blankets and sleeping bags! Bug-repellent is extra, of course. But there is a wide variety of tents to choose from that will fit any budget.

And speaking of any budget, so far our only obstacle has been making money. But that’s okay. In the name of equity, we’re relying on the honor system for these people to leave the appropriate tip in the tents when they vacate them. Again, money is not our main goal. We don’t care if we turn a profit or not. This is a public venture funded by the American taxpayer, so, who cares? We’re just glad we can help bury that evil capitalist, profit-driven, AIRBNB.

This truly is an incredible way to handle the homeless problem in America. We’re already expanding from Venice Beach to San Francisco, Austin, NYC, Salt Lake City, and Denver. We predict by the end of Biden’s first term, every major city in America will have a tent city within its borders. Of course, AIRTNT will be there to support them. Thank you.”

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