Americans Fleeing Ukraine from US-Russia War not Permitted to Board Planes Without COVID-19 Vaccine Passport!

Kyiv – Americans are attempting to flee Ukraine to avoid being killed in the crossfire of the impending useless war between the US and Russia. 

Friday, the State Department issued a dire warning that all Americans leave Ukraine and return home immediately. War in the Ukraine between the US and Russia could happen at any moment.

Many Americans fleeing are trying to board planes and are not being allowed to board due to tight COVID restrictions. American TSA agents have been refusing to let anyone board a plane without a valid vaccine passport. We spoke to one would-be passenger:

“These people are outta their minds! They’re starting a war just so the Military Industrial Complex can get rich but they won’t let us leave if we can’t prove we’ve been vaccinated against what’s now become the common cold. At this point, we may as well just stay here and fight the tyranny with Russia! Who the hell is running the US? That airhead Kamala? Oh, right, brain-dead Biden is running the show.

I swear to God, there is less tyranny and more freedom here in Ukraine and in Russia than there is back home. Fuck you, TSA! I’m staying here where I’m free!”

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