Personal Reflections with AOC: Space Exploration.

Washington DC – AOC will be posting an Op-Ed here from time to time. Following is her first one:

“I know a lot of people said that the moon landing was like, fake, but I think it really happened. I mean, we all saw Michael Jackson do the Moonwalk. Where did he learn to do that? The moon, duh.

I think now is the time for us to go to the sun and bring back as much of it as we can. Imagine, bringing some of the sun here to Earth to power all those solar panels. We could just put pieces of the sun on the tops of all the mountains. We could call those places, ‘Sunnyland-1, Sunnyland-2, Sunnyland-K.’

Or maybe we could bring the solar panels to the sun. Wow.

Hmmm, problem. I guess it would be really bright on the sun, we should land there at night, then bring it back. That’ll work. I’ll have to mention that to NASA.” 

This has been, Personal Reflections with AOC.

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