Bad News for Hunter Biden. His $83K Monthly Deposit from Ukraine Just Stopped.

Skid Row – The war between Russia and Ukraine has been taking its toll on many people, especially Hunter Biden.

The picture above was taken by a hooker the moment Hunter realized he could not afford to pay her because his monthly stipend of $83,333 from Ukraine did not hit his bank account. The woman, or tranny, or whoever, threatened to post the image and tell her side of this story if she did not get paid. Needless to say, we have the story because Hunter Biden was broke and could not pay her.

The hooker, let’s call her, Shanaynay, had this to say:

“That broke ass cracka ain’t never gonna see me again! He checked his account and realized he was broke, Somethin’ about a war with Russia. That fool ain’t got no job and spends his whole day hittin’ da pipe! Shit, he make me look like Mother Theresa. There, I told you my story, now pay me, bitch.”

We payed Shanaynay and are thankful we did.

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