Biden Dementia Getting Worse. Follows Pudding-Scented Fingers to Encourage Walking.

Washington DC – President Biden’s dementia is appearing to accelerate. Yesterday at the White House, President Biden walked off the path to the front door of the White House and needed to be led back. The lure used was Jill Biden’s fingers coated in vanilla pudding.

Once Mrs. Biden “hooked” the President, it was easy for her to reel him in. It took about ten minutes for the President to slowly be led from the White House lawn to the front door of the White House. 

We spoke to a doctor about the President’s condition:

“The president is in serious decline. Being led around by pudding-covered fingers is a sign of cognitive decline. It’s just a matter of time before he’ll be crawling on all fours for the same, finger-laced pudding.”

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