Biden: “War with Russia Over Ukraine’s Border is Inevitable.”

Washington DC – President Joe Biden declared that, “…war with Russia is inevitable.”  In a brief statement from his home in Delaware, the president made the shocking statement over the weekend that he would be sending as many as 50,000 troops to the Ukraine-Russia border. The move comes as tensions with Russia are escalating as Putin tries to encroach on Ukrainian territory.

President Biden responded to several questions about the tense situation:

Reporter: Mr. President, why does the U.S. feel the need to protect the Ukrainian border, and if their border is so important to us, why are we not protecting our own border with Mexico?

Biden: Look, Ukraine has been a loyal partner with us over the years. They have a right to defend their borders. There is nothing more sacred to a country than its borders. They have a great deal of oil and money that can benefit us in the future, both personally and professionally. Russia does not need the land, they want it. As a super-power, it’s our job to police the world and protect the countries that can benefit us. 50,000 US troops is more than enough to take care of the current situation. Sure, a few soldiers might get hurt and some might even die, but that’s what they signed up for – to take orders from the Commander-in-Chief. And at the moment, I am the Commander-in-Chief.

As far as our border with Mexico goes, what threat are they? They’re Mexicans. They don’t have any money. It’s their border too. They’re the ones who should be protecting it, not us. We cannot afford to waste money on that nonsense. They’ve been coming here for decades and no one ever got hurt from a Mexican. They might be a nuisance, but they’re not a threat. Heck, they brought us Mexican food, and I love tacos.

And by the way, if the Russia situation escalates, it will not be a, ‘war.’ We call it a, ‘Police Action.’ There’s a difference. In any event, our Military Industrial Complex needs the money, and this is a job creator. Just imagine all the jobs that will be kept and created when we order thousands of bombs, tanks, fighter jets, rifles, ammunition, and so on. We’ll spend billions on this fight, and when we’re done, we’ll leave it all behind, about $100 billion in military equipment. We’ll just leave it there, just like we did in Afghanistan. You know what that means? More jobs and more money for the Military Industrial Complex in the future. More jobs for Americans, and the Mexicans who make it here. Thank you.

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