Biden’s Words and Their New Meanings!

Washington DC – It seems the meanings of words are changing every day thanks to the Biden administration. We have compiled the words with their new definitions so you can be sure to use them properly going forward. Here we go:

  • Recession: A period where people are poor and hungry and Democrats ignore them.
  • Vaccine: A placebo that prevents you from thinking you’re sick when you’re sick.
  • Woman: Everyone.
  • Man: Just a woman to be.
  • White Supremacist: Anyone, regardless of skin color, who disagrees with Democrats.
  • Racist: A person that disagrees with these new definitions.
  • Truth: Something you say with certainty and authority, regardless of whether or not it’s true.
  • Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS): A disorder where people die from the COVID vaccine and politicians want to cover it up.
  • Pedophilia: Sex-education for children.
  • Sex: Singing and dancing.
  • Groomer: A Disney employee or transgender person, or something.
  • Dementia: I forget.
  • President: A meaningless leader of a country who is controlled by special interest groups with money.
  • War: A gaslighting effort where a president does what special interest groups with money tell him to do.
  • Economy: Past tense of, “today.”
  • Definition: Words used to explain your imagination and creativity.

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