Botox Shortage Due to Supply-Chain Issues Causing Celebrities to Panic!

Los Angeles – The dwindling supply of Botox is having severe consequences on the rich and famous! With the supply-chain issues growing worse in the United States, celebrities are getting hit the hardest, as evidenced by the pictures above.

Ireland is the only known country that produces Botox in large quantities, and supply-chain issues are growing more severe due to a variety of issues, including, COVID-19, vaccine mandates, and protests by truckers worldwide.

We spoke with Amy Schumer about this and here’s what she said:

“My life is over! How can I go out in public looking like this? I look…40! Oh my God! I can’t look my age, I just can’t! How am I going to make money? People will just point and stare at me. This is horrible. I, I, I, I might have to get a job, and do like, real work! How do I even get one of those jobby thingys?

Sigh. Who cares about people not getting food? Most people are too fat anyway…see? I need my Botox or my life is ruined! Without it, I’ll be working on cruise ships with old people. Just kill me now. No. Scratch that. No Botox, no open casket.

Hey truckers! Get off your asses and work for a change! Mama needs her fix you selfish bastards who only care about your stupid freedom!

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