Breaking! Restaurant Opens Where Waiters Listen to Customers! Huge Success!

Miami – Markey’s is a new restaurant that just opened in south Florida over the winter and it has a surprising new twist that’s gaining a lot of attention. The wait staff actually listens to the customers.

We spoke to one of the customer’s to ask about the service in the new landmark eatery:

“This place has the best service I’ve ever seen! The waiter comes over and doesn’t even tell me his name or what he’s doing at my table. You know, ‘Hi, my name’s Kevin and I’ll be your waiter,’ because if he didn’t introduce himself, I’d be confused and wonder why there’s a total stranger just hovering over my table. Nope, none of that. He just asks us what we want, makes suggestions based on our choices, and then brings the food and drinks on time without an issue…and the way we ordered it. Everything was perfect! Can you believe it?

Typically, the waiter brings the soup cold, the salad with the wrong dressing, the wrong entrée, and the check, all at the same time. Then he has the nerve to ask if we want dessert or anything else while we’re eating and after the check’s on the table. Not here! 

I ordered a medium-rare steak with the soup and salad and a baked potato. At first, the soup came out, and it was hot and was exactly what I ordered. Then, a few minutes later, the salad came out, and after that the steak and potato came out. I couldn’t believe it! It was cooked just like I ordered it. Nothing came out at the same time like you usually see. I mean, everything was timed perfectly and the steak was cooked the way I ordered it.

And finally, the waiter let us eat our meals in peace. He didn’t linger and try to engage in small talk thinking we’d like him and give him a bigger tip. He actually let us talk to each other rather than interrupt us every two minutes with nonsense. I mean, he left us alone. He treated us like adults. 

This place was night and day compared to every other restaurant. Imagine, getting service from the waiter where it’s not all about him, and then he goes out of his way to really listen. What a great idea! I wish every place were like this. We will be back every week if this keeps up, for sure!”

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