Canadian Trucker Protest Just Got Real! Trudeau Beheaded!

Ottawa – Today, Canadian leader and illegitimate son of Fidel Castro, Justin Trudeau, was killed and beheaded. His death is attributed to the protestors and was in response to the emergency powers the former Prime Minister invoked which was designed to crush the peaceful protest.

The truckers only wanted an end to the tyrannical mandates Trudeau ordered. Trudeau, coward that he was, initially hid from the protestors before finally ordering the military to arrest them.

Once the orders were given, the men of Canada exited their trucks and marched toward the home of Trudeau, where he was found cowering behind his mommy and crying like a little girl. His end was quick and his mother did not seemed bothered by the actions of the truckers.

We asked President Biden his thoughts on the anarchy in Canada. His response was as follows:

“Duuuuuuuh, pudding?”

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