Chris and Andrew Cuomo to Host New Podcast. Retard and Retardeder.

Albany – The disgraced Cuomo brothers are making a comeback with a new podcast. The wannabe mafia brothers plan to talk about everything under the sun, with a special emphasis on women.

The show will be two hours long, Monday through Friday, on all radios that carry 109.9, The Big Frog. Their first guest is rumored to be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. We asked Chris Cuomo about his new show. 

“I’m very excited that I’m working with my brother. Nothing will be off limits.

Look, the name of the show is a bit of a joke, we goofed up, so we’re just highlighting that. We were gonna go with, ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ but that name was already taken by de Blasio and his wife, right? Besides, who’s gonna be offended by ‘Retard and Retardeder?’ Retards? They got bigger things to worry about, like drooling. 

Anyway, our first guest will be the Olsen twins. They’re over 18 now so anything goes, if ya know what I mean. Don’t worry, I’m married. (Wink, wink). We want to explore the “minds” of women and what makes them tick, what really gets their engines revved. And since it’s a radio show, clothing is optional. We even have a sign in the studio that says that, “Clothing Optional.”

We want everyone who joins us to be free and relaxed and just let their guard down so we can explore their “minds.” It should be great fun, and if you’re a hot woman, call in at 212-OUTTA-DOUGH.”

Mrs. Chris Cuomo committed suicide two days before this interview.

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