Black on Black Crime Reported by Media for First Time Ever!

Hollywood – Academy Award host, Chris Rock, got bitch-slapped live on TV after making an innocuous joke about Will Smith’s wife’s bald head. The joke was harmless, but Smith decided to “act” outraged and gave Rock five across the eyes for it. Rock tried to play it off, but he was obviously humiliated.

Jada Smith, Will Smith’s wife, has alopecia, and shaved her head to take control of her situation. 

Had both Smith and Rock been actual men, here’s how the dialog would have occurred:

Rock: Love your bald head, Jada, Can’t wait to see you in GI Jane 2.

Smith: Keep my wife’s name out of your damned mouth!

Rock: What’s the matter, Will? You can’t take a harmless joke? If her name can’t be in my mouth, can I put her titty in my mouth? I mean, hell, all your neighbors do. You know, with that open marriage thing ya’ll got goin’ on and shit. I think it’s about my turn anyway. But seriously, you ain’t gotta worry about no man doing your wife again. Like I said, GI Jane 2. Not the most attractive look for a 50 year-old black woman.

Smith: It’s just jokes. I can take it. I got millions and this is the price I have to pay. A little fun at my expense. I’m cool with it. Just be cool.

Rock: It’s not like I brought up, ‘”Suicide Squad 2″ or anything, shit. Or I could’ve been a dick and talked about, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at 50.” Anyway, I appreciate you being a real man. It’s just jokes but sometimes you gotta pay. Nothing personal, you know I love ya both. And look, niggas be laughing!

Will Smith apparently knocked the black off of Chris Rock and Rock’s been in hiding ever since.

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