CNN and MSNBC, “Follow the Science.” Get Lost, Wind Up at Fox News.

New York – For the last two years, CNN and MSNBC have been begging its few viewers to, “follow the science,” when it comes to COVID-19 treatments. Somehow, the two failing liberal networks got lost in their quest for actual science and wound up at Fox News.

We spoke to a top Fox executive and asked him how this may have happened:

“CNN and MSNBC are cute. They try to act like they’re honest, important, and trustworthy, but all they do is spew hate, lies, and misinformation. It’s no wonder that they wound up here at Fox.

Imagine, twisting the truth so much and getting so far lost that you wind up in the one spot that actually tells the truth. Hard to believe but, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

I hear Brian Stelter is their new host for every show. That should be fun.”

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