Coward Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, Escapes to India to Avoid Mandate Backlash from Angry Truckers!

Ottawa – Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, is a coward. He is shown in the photo above begging Indian government officials to let him stay in their country as 50,000 angry truckers descend upon the Canadian Capitol. His Indian disguise fooled no one. 

Trudeau fled the country yesterday, hoping to avoid a conflict over the COVID mandates he imposed to the entire country he supposedly leads.

Last week, roughly 50,000 truckers began a protest over Trudeau’s severe COVID restrictions, and began driving in packs toward the capitol to have their voices heard. In true Canadian fashion, Trudeau fled the country in shame and begged for help. He was not seen wearing a mask at home or in India.

We spoke to one of Trudeau’s children, who remained behind at home in Canada. Here’s what he thought of the situation:

“Daddy’s sick, ay. Mommy said he got the COVID, but I don’t think that’s why he left. He went away on business, but he always says that. He cries a lot too. I mean, mommy yells at him all the time and she always wins. She’s the real boss, ay. I remember seeing daddy cry once when he broke a fingernail and mommy had to kiss his boo-boo and make it all better. He’s not very strong. When I grow up, I wanna be a real man, just like my mommy, ay.

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