Death Polka Band, The Polka Rats, to Perform at Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Los Angeles – A new addition to the Super Bowl halftime show has been added to the lineup: The Polka Rats. The Death Polka band took the slot of rapper, Kanye West, after he dropped out at the last minute.

We spoke to the lead sing of The Polka Rats, Bjorn Goldberg, and this is what he told us about this opportunity:

“We’re really excited to get this chance. Introducing Death Polka to so many thousands of people is just rad. We plan on playing three songs and opening with our hit single, The Batman and Robin Party Polka. It’s always a crowd favorite. 

This is our big chance to get kids hooked on polka and the accordion. They don’t realize it yet, but polka is sexy!”

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