Delta: No Mask? Use Your Underwear or You’re Not Flying!

Atlanta – Delta has given passengers an ultimatum: Wear a mask. If you don’t have one, use your underwear or you’re not boarding our planes.

The man pictured above did not have a mask and refused to miss his flight to the Super Bowl. The only option that remained was to wear underwear. He refused to wear his own (obviously) so the stewardess was kind enough to give him the pair she was wearing.

None of the other passengers seemed to mind seeing as how about 30% of the seated passengers were already wearing their own underwear as masks.

Delta is apparently neglecting the following facts:

  • COVID is virtually dead,
  • Masks do not work,
  • All of their planes are equipped with triple air-scrubbing HEPA filters,
  • Dirty underwear spreads disease.

A Delta spokesman had this to say:

“Just do as you’re told. Is it really so hard to wear a paper mask? Really? Look, we’re allowing you to wear your underwear in an emergency. C’mon people this is not brain surgery!”

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