Democrat Donor Ed Buck Offers Injection Expertise to Black Community

Democrat MegaDonor Ed Buck, seen here with Hillary Clinton before being escorted to jail for the suspicious deaths of 2 Black males found in his apartment (a third survived) has volunteered to lend his expertise in injecting drugs into Black males as a part of a plea bargain deal in order to help vaccinate Los Angeles’ Black community against the ravages of the COVID virus, sources have reported to the 1791 Times.

Buck, whose promising career as an escort for Hillary Clinton to provide entre’ to the Black Gay Community in Los Angeles was cut short when a judge had the temerity to throw Buck in jail for the apparent deaths (by suicide, claims Buck) of two of the three Black male hustlers Buck prefers for his extra curricular activities.

Buck, whose political star has waned as the charges against him mounted, claimed that his crimes pale in comparison to Clinton’s, whose penchant for young girls playing the FrazzleDrip game (along with Tom Hanks) are already legendary among the denizens of the Dark Web.

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