Dr. Rick Arrested for Drunk Driving, Assault and Battery.

Hollywood – Late last week, Dr. Rick, from the Progressive TV commercials, was arrested for Drunk Driving, driving without a license, and assault and battery.

Saturday, at 2am, Dr. Rick was pulled over in West Hollywood for driving erratically. The officer noticed the driver had been drinking and the passenger was a known hooker to the area.

Once out of the car, Dr. Rick slurred his speech when he spoke to the officer. The officer performed a Field Sobriety Test on Dr. Rick and he failed by, “falling to the ground multiple times.”

A transcript of the audio recording follows:

“Listen, I’m Dr. Rick. Who the hell do you think you are for pulling me over? I have my date in the car and we’re going back to my hotel room for a li’l boom-shaka-laka. I’ll knock you out you motherfucker! Do you know who I am? Do you know how long it’s been since I got laid? I need this ocifer! Now go arrest a murderererer or somethin’. It’s pooty time and I’m finally a someone! And you, shut the fuck up, you hoe!”

Dr. Rick bitch-slapped the hooker before finally being arrested. He was charged with Drunk Driving and assault and battery. The passenger was released and suffered a black eye. Dr. Rick’s Buick was immediately impounded.

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