Duke of York: “It’s Not Rape If She Pushes Back.”

FILE PHOTO: Britain’s Prince Andrew attends Sunday service at the Royal Chapel of All Saints at Windsor Great Park, Britain following Friday’s death of his father Prince Philip at age 99, April 11, 2021. Steve Parsons/PA Wire/Pool via REUTERS REFILE

London – Prince Andrew is in Dutch with his mum, The Queen of England. Earlier this week, The Queen stripped Andrew of his royal duties because of the sex scandal surrounding him, and by proxy, his royal family.

Andrew has had a series of bizarre interviews over the last year in which he has tried to explain his “frisky” behavior. The strangest answer he gave, up until this point, was that he never met his accuser, despite him being shown a photo of him with the accuser.

It seems Andrew is beginning to crack under the royal pressure. When asked about his illegal sexcapades, he replied:

“It simply is not rape if the girl pushed back. That act alone implies consent. Therefore, I did nothing out of the ordinary. She was 17 at the time so I do not see the issue.”

Andrew’s brother, Prince Charles, did not seemed bothered by Andrew’s attitude or answer. The two royals then were taken to a private airport to holiday in the south Pacific on a remote island.



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