Elon Musk Forced to Hire Minority as Twitter CEO, and he does!

Los Angeles – New Twitter owner, Elon Musk, was forced to hire a minority CEO as part of the deal to purchase Twitter. He agreed and has since selected the new CEO. In a statement he said the following:

“As the new owner of Twitter, I am forced, by contract, to hire a minority CEO, and that’s fine. I have a brilliant African-American in mind. He’s smart, good-looking, wealthy, knows tech inside and out, and is already the CEO of several other successful companies. I’d like to introduce you to the new Twitter CEO and African-American, me!

Yes, I, Elon Musk, am African-American. I just don’t identify as African-American, I truly am one. You see, I was born in South Africa and now live in America. Therefore, henceforth, thus, then…African-American. Deal with it niggas!”

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