Finally! Biden Sends Troops to Guard Border…of Ukraine?

Washington DC – Yesterday, President Biden sent over 5,000 US troops to guard the border of Ukraine, with a small group of special forces guarding Burisma and its executives. Burisma is the company the president and his son, Hunter, has “business” with where both are paid enormous sums of money for essentially doing no work.

We asked the president why he is guarding Ukraine’s border while ignoring the border between the US and Mexico:

“Look, Ukraine is a great place and they have a lot of money, trust me. We should protect our, er, there financial interests as well as their people.

There aren’t very many corrupt politicians, I mean, there’s no financial benefit for me, um, the US in closing our southern border. But what we can offer the Mexicans that do come across is a chance to vote in a free and fair election. We take a special interest in showing them how to vote and who to vote for.

Who’s got pudding?”

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