Harry and Meghan Move to Detroit Slum. Need to Blacken their Image like Trudeau.

Detroit – Earlier this week, Harry and Meghan decided to plant some roots in the Detroit slums to be more like their mentor, Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, who is currently MIA. 

The formerly royal couple, suffering from a severe case of White Guilt, decided to experience life from a, “…black point-of-view.” We spoke with Meghan about the couple’s decision:

“Believe it or not, I am part Black. People don’t believe it when they look at me, so I make sure I announce it almost everywhere I go. I even had the photo above darkened to stress how black I really am. Harry, on the other hand, is as pure as the driven snow. 

Anyway, we’re moving to the poorest part of Detroit to become more ‘street,’ more ”hood.’ You know, like the common folk. Once we can become accepted by these people, we can teach them how to be civil and part of society, Hopefully by then, they will stop resorting to violence and behaving like animals. I guess you can call it our, ‘Urban Greenpeace.’ That sounds right.

When our work is done, we can join our mentor, Justin Trudeau. Harry will need Justin’s help with the blackface because there’s no amount of street time that will make him look or act remotely Black. But I’m sure Justin can handle it, he really is good with people, and that blackface looks amazing! So natural. I wish I were that dark. Then maybe I, we, we wouldn’t feel so guilty all the time.

One day we’ll look back on this day with a good laugh, admiring how generous we were. We could say we were once common Blacks too! That’s always great to have on your résumé, just in case. The Blacks always have an advantage nowadays, because they, I mean we, are Black.”

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