Human Smuggling Ring Caught on Video! Busted Dead-to-Rights!

New York – Earlier this week, video emerged of hundreds of illegal aliens being transported from the US southern border to NY state. The illegal aliens arrived at a small, closed airport in New York state where they where then packed into private jets in the middle of the night. From there, they were flown to various Republican controlled states and dropped off at random malls and shopping centers to blend in with the crowd.

Agents, who were hired to transport the illegal aliens, were visibly upset, but they had no voice in the matter. They were precluded from speaking about their job. We did however, speak to one of the illegal aliens in between flights:

“Dis is great man! Joe Biden is like da king of human smuggling. How can dis be illegal if your president makes dis happen? Da laws don’t don’t apply to jim. We even get private planes and free bus rides to wherever we wanna go, man. You feel me?”

We asked President Biden about the situation, but all he said was, “Pudding please.”

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