Jen ‘Pspin’ Psaki an Agent of Russia!

Washington DC – White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, is an agent of Russia. This according to former and future President, Donald J. Trump.

The photo above shows Jen Psaki wearing a traditional Russian Ushanka, a Russian hat, emblazoned with the USSR Socialist emblem.

We spoke to Donald Trump and asked him about this photo:

“This explains a lot. First, she’s a Ginger, next, she’s lying to America on a daily basis, and now this! What are you gonna tell me next? That she’s having an affair with Brian Stelter? My God.

And they say I was in bed with Russia. Funny how everything they blame me for doing they’re actually doing themselves! I think they call that, ‘Projection.’ Welcome to America, Comrade. Yeah, this really explains her actions and her boss’s actions.

Damned Commies. How the hell did we get here? This is such a shame. We have a ginger Commie being led around by the nose and a leader who’s too old to know his ass from a hole in the ground. This country is in such sad shape. Just a shame.”

Psaki was reported as being repulsed when Stelter’s name was mentioned.

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