Joe Rogan Protest Grows. Milli Vanilli to Pull Eddie Money’s Music from Spotify.

Nashville – Grammy Award winners, Milli Vanilli, just announced that they are pulling Eddie Money’s music from Spotify. The duo was famous for their song, Blame it on the Rain, which was in fact, not their song. We asked the member who identifies as Milli why they’re doing this. His response:

“We like Joe Rogan but we cannot abide by his opinion, therefore, we must protest. We intend to remove Eddie Money’s music as soon as possible. He’s dead you know, so he really can’t stop us. Not too many people will notice I think, but it’s a start. It’s not like he was a superstar or anything. Perhaps one day we’ll be big enough to remove Michael Jackson’s music. Who knows? Thank you.”

Eddie Money’s widow was last seen with her husband’s loaded shotgun in a car headed to Nashville.

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