Joe Rogan Removes His Podcast from Spotify to Protest COVID Misinformation.

Los Angeles – Super podcaster, Joe Rogan, has been given ultimatums by musicians threatening to remove their content from Spotify should he be allowed to continue giving his opinions about COVID-19. Initially, Spotify stood firm and pulled the ultimatum-giving, Neil Young’s “music” while keeping Rogan’s podcast on their platform. Then it got weird.

Joe Rogan joined other liberal has-beens in demanding that Rogan be silenced when it comes to giving his opinion on COVID-19 and the vaccines. He was quoted as saying:

“If Spotify doesn’t shut this guy up, I’m leaving too. It’s either him or me!”

Spotify finally caved to the pressure and dismissed Rogan and his podcast. In a statement about the situation, Spotify said:

“We normally don’t give in to demands, but Joe Rogan is our biggest draw. He’s the $100 million dollar man. So what he says, goes. We didn’t want to lose Rogan but Joe gave us no other choice. Either Rogan goes, or he goes.”

There’s still no word whether Neil Young’s “music” will be allowed back on the platform. Rumor has it that Young is starting a protest against bad music on the platform, so we will see what happens in the future.


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