John Kerry: The World is in Real Trouble. Climate Change is Here.

New York –  John Kerry once again sounded the alarm of Climate Change. According to Kerry, we only, “…have a number of weeks before the end.” Following is the statement Kerry made while at the UN in New York:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the time to act is now. We only have a number of weeks before the end. Climate Change is a real threat and if we do not act immediately, the world will forever be a place of gloom and doom.

Have you looked out your windows recently? One moment it’s 60 degrees at high noon, then a few hours later in the early evening, it’s 45 or 40 degrees. That’s a 15, 20 degree swing in just a few hours. The earth cannot take much more of this.

Believe it or, it’s actually snowing in parts of the world as I stand here in New York where it is 62 degrees. Snow! And in still other parts of the world it’s 90 degrees! Again, 62 degrees right here and now while it’s snowing in other places, and beach weather in still other places. These wild temperature variations are too extreme and in the name of equity, must be put to an end.

From this moment on, we must eliminate all fossil fuels, all coal, all nuclear power plants, and even fire that produces smoke. The only solution is to produce more sheep so we can create more blankets. This is the only safe and natural way to stay warm while keeping the earth healthy. Thank you.”

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