Justin Trudeau Panders to Everyone with New Uniform!

Ottawa – Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has had a new uniform made just for him. 

After a brief search, we found Trudeau hiding in a nearby forest. When we discovered him, he was sporting his new uniform, pictured above.

We asked him what this new look signified, and here’s what he said:

“We all know I’m not the most masculine fellow, ay. So rather than run from it, I decided to embrace it.

The pink signifies that I do not have toxic masculinity. The swastika has the gay pride colors, and I just love them homos, ay. Oh, and the Germans too, that’s why the swastika. The symbol for male is on my hat because without it, I might be mistaken for a woman or a gay.

By appeasing everybody, I can be admired by…I was going to say ‘everyone,’ but truckers still don’t like me. Maybe I can get a trucker hat, ay. Yes, that will work. Excuse me.”

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