Kamala Out at White House! Goes Back to Her Roots…at Arby’s?

Washington DC – Vice President, Kamala Harris, has decided to call it quits. Yesterday, she announced she was stepping down from her role as Vice President of the United States to fulfill her lifelong dream of cooking at Arby’s.

This appears to be a dream come true for Republicans across the nation. We asked Donald Trump about this recent development. His response:

“This is a good thing. She was a terrible Vice President. Terrible. I’ve never seen someone so bad at such an easy job. She could screw up a two-car funeral, that’s how bad she is. I’m really glad she’s gone.”

We asked Kamala about this sudden shift in careers and she gave us the following answer:

“Look, the only reason I was selected as Joe’s running mate was because I’m a blackish woman. I don’t have any skills – I mean, other than sleeping my way to the top. THANKS WILLIE!

Anyway, I always loved cooking. Believe it or not, cooking for Arby’s has been a life-long dream. Arby’s is the best, and ‘they have the meats,’ if you know what I mean.

Really though, a woman’s place is in the kitchen and I like being here. It’s a little more pressure than being VP, but I can handle it. Thanks. Um, who had the Double Beef and Cheddar? Order up!”

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