Lebron James Identifies as “Lekaren” to Play for WNBA. Gets Benched First Game.

Los Angeles – Lebron James is now identifying as, “Lekaren James.” The basketball star decided to identify as a woman to, “…teach those bitches a lesson.” 

Late last week, Lebron James changed his name to “Lekaren” so he could identify as a woman and play for the WNBA team, The Miami Cows. Within her first ten minutes on the court, Lekaren was benched for fighting and having, “a bad attitude.” We caught up with Lekaren and asked her about this career move:

“Look man, I am the greatest player of all time in the NBA and the WNBA. Fuck Michael Jordan. Never seen him play with no bitches.

And I can’t believe they tossed me from the game! That gorilla lookin’ bitch started it when she checked me. She deserved to have her teeth knocked out! That’ll teach her to check me again.

Anyway, you watch. Ain’t no bitch beatin’ dis bitch right here. Lekaren James will be the league MVP, guaranteed.”

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