Letitia James, NY Attorney General Who’s Suing the Trump Family, Sued by McDonald’s and Victoria’s Secret!

Albany – New York Attorney General, Letitia James, is the “woman” suing the Trump family for no apparent reason other than she doesn’t like the Trumps. 

This week, both the McDonald’s corporation and Victoria’s Secret filed suit against Letitia James for, “misrepresenting their products.”

A spokesman for McDonald’s released a statement on the suit that in part read:

“…and Ms. James does not accurately represent the products sold at our establishments. A person of normal size and weight would only eat one portion per meal. Clearly, Ms. James is eating three or four servings per meal, thus giving the illusion that eating McDonald’s products leads to severe obesity. This is not true.”

A spokesman for Victoria’s Secret released a similar statement that in part read:

“Ms. James is clearly obese. Wearing our undergarments to the point where they stretch and scream in agony misrepresents the performance of our products. On a normal-sized ‘woman,’ our products are comfortable to wear.'”

Ms. James was unavailable for comment because she was eating lunch, dinner, and supper.

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