Male Olympians to Protest Transgender Athletes by Competing in Women’s Events!

Beijing – In the upcoming Beijing Olympics, male athletes have banded together to protest transgender “women” competing in biological women’s events.

The Olympic Committee is allowing anyone who identifies as a woman, and can compete at an Olympic level, to compete in women’s events. This prompted Shaun White, an American male athlete and snowboarder, to rally all of the American men who are competing this year, to identify as women so they too can compete and, “…beat the hell outta those tranny men who think they’re women.”

We asked Mr. White why he’s doing this. His response:

“We all know transgender women are biologically men. That’s just unfair to all the women who trained so hard to get here, Imagine, you spend 15 or 20 years training to be the best in the world and here comes, ‘Butch McButchface.’ Outta nowhere he decides he’s a woman to come in and steal all the gold medals from every real woman on the planet. No way, man. This ends now. We’re gonna beat the hell outta those tranny men who think they’re women. Doing this pretty much guarantees no tranny will ever win a medal this year. Besides, the women love us for doing this, and I do mean, ‘love,’ if ya catch my meaning.

And think about this…if no real woman wins any event, what will that say to the world? See what I’m saying?”

No, Mr. White, we do not.

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