Massive Protest of 50,000 in Washington DC met with Police Armed with Automatic Weapons, Grenades!

Washington DC – Over the weekend, some 50,000 people marched on Washington DC to protest President Biden’s unlawful vaccine mandates, reminiscent of the January 6th protest of 2021, in which people marched on Washington to protest the 2020 election results.

Unlike the 2020 protest, the government was ready this time. At least 7,000 Capitol Police and National Guard soldiers were rallied together and armed with grenades and fully automatic weapons. They were given the, “green light” should any protestor step foot on the Capitol. 

Within moments, soldiers launched grenades into the crowd and opened fire on the protestors, who were mostly Trump supporters. The crowd immediately dispersed to avoid being blown up or shot. Bodies and limbs were seen strewn about the Capitol grounds. Blood seemed to flood the cement beneath the feet of the protestors.

Moments after the first few protestors were killed, the situation quickly shifted as the crowd ran away from the Capitol in a panic. We asked a protestor about the situation:

“Oh my God! This is crazy! I can’t believe our government started shooting at us! Everyone just started running and screaming! It felt like the end of the world!”

The scene was chaotic and bloody. 27 protestors were killed and 48 were injured. When the smoke cleared and the commotion calmed, we spoke with a Capitol Police officer about the situation:

“Listen, we learned our lesson from the J6 riots. Never again. These people think they can just come up to the Capitol and protest all day long. Think about all those people they ended up killing at the J6 protest! Not happening. Not on my watch. Never again!

We have a duty to protect Democrats, and we did just that. We cannot just have people screaming their opinions at politicians like they’re animals. These people needed to be taught the lesson that they are not in charge. We’re the bosses, and we flexed our muscles by shooting anyone who yelled at us or a Democrat. It’s tough love but it had to happen. Those dead protestors will be a clear reminder that you do not fuck with the government. The government’s in charge. They say, you do, no questions.”

A Democrat Congresswoman spoke with us on the condition of anonymity and made the following statement:

“Good! These damned Republicans and Trump supporters need to die! Who they hell do they think they are? Marching up here and spewing their hate. All they want to do is infect everybody with their sickness and try and take over the government so they can have Trump put back in office. These people have no souls. No brains and no souls. I’m glad those people got shot! That’ll teach them not to mess with this government. Their mamas should have aborted them long ago. But they don’t believe in abortion. They believe everyone should live. Bleeding heart, idiot Conservatives.”

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