Milwaukee First City to Use Zip Lines for Commuters.

Milwaukee – Milwaukee is now the first city to introduce Zip Lines for commuters. City Hall passed the ordinance last year with overwhelming support from the public. Zip lines provide a fast and efficient way to get around town without the worry of traffic, crime, or delays.

We spoke to a woman who started using the Zip Line Transportation System (ZLTS) last week and she apparently loved it:

“This is so awesome! It’s great to move around the city so fast! No traffic, no walking for blocks and blocks. Half the time I don’t even need the elevators. It’s just great, and so much fun! I’m glad we finally have a way to travel that’s fun, fast, and affordable. I feel like Superman!”

So far, the injury rate has been low with only two people suffering concussions from crashing into windows.

Hang Gliding is reported to be on the slate for the next session and is expected to pass the state legislature.

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