Neil Young Dropped from Everyone! Meet Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Rogan!

San Francisco – Just the other day, Spotify pulled Neil Young’s music after threatening to leave if Joe Rogan remained on the platform. Suffice to say, Neil Young was so woke, he cancelled himself.

Rogan has been under fire in recent weeks for actually being a genuine man and speaking his mind while not towing the, “liberal line.” His COVID treatment stories have gotten a great deal of attention, especially once he got and recovered from COVID-19. 

Now, a new twist to the story. It seems Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Neil Young’s old bandmates, have sided with Rogan! Not only do they support the free-speech podcaster, they actually invited him to be a part of the band, replacing Neil Young…and Rogan happily accepted. We spoke with David Crosby about the lineup change:

“Hey man, Neil Young used to be a cool cat. You know, free speech and all that, but, man, he’s just lost his way. I don’t know what happened to him. Maybe too much drugs, but he’s a real square now. Just a real buzz kill. He was lucky we put up with him to tell you the truth. That whiny, screechy, Bob Dylan-type voice he had made it real tough sometimes, but, you know, we had drugs at the time so no one really knew.

Rogan’s cool and he can kinda sing, I mean, better than Neil, that’s for sure. But again, who cares? It’s all about makin’ music, smokin’ dope, and havin’ a good time. Rogan’s just like us that way. Real cool cat.”

Just then, Joe Rogan began warming up the pipes by singing a familiar tune:

“Big wheels keep on turnin’
Carry me home to see my kin
Singin’ songs about the south-land
I miss Alabamy once again and I think it’s a sin, yes

Well I heard Mister Young sing about her
Well I heard ol’ Neil put her down
Well I hope Neil Young will remember
A southern man don’t need him around anyhow…”

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