NYC Mayor Vows to End Gun Violence. Outlaws Guns, Bullets, and Overcoats?

NYC – Mayor Eric Adams vowed to end gun violence in the Big Apple this past weekend. His announcement comes in the wake of the recent shooting of an NYPD officer.

Mayor Adams, a former officer himself, says he knows exactly what it will take to rid the city of gun violence, and has promised to do so. A transcript of his announcement reads thus:

“It’s time we did some real good in this city and end gun violence once and for all. From this moment on, all guns and ammunition will be illegal in this city! Additionally, all outerwear and personal accessories that can conceal guns will also be made illegal. This includes, overcoats, jackets, hoodies, purses, backpacks, shopping bags, umbrellas, overalls, long sleeve shirts, and pants that reach down to the ankle. In fact, we’ve created a diagram of acceptable clothing to help ease the people of the city into this gun-free fashion-transition. Have a look:”

The mayor continued:

“We feel this new approach will reduce, if not completely eliminate, all gun violence in the city. Imagine that guns and bullets are illegal. Now imagine that there is nowhere to hide a gun on your person. We believe that this one-two punch on guns will knockout gun violence in the future.

And yes, I know the weather can get cold here. Just don’t spend too much time outdoors. We have to suck it up for the greater good. Thank you.”


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