Personal Reflections with AOC: Trucker Protest.

“I could care less, or is it, ‘couldn’t care less’? Anywho, I don’t care about these truckers. I mean, who needs them? I certainly don’t. I have everything I need right here within walking distance. I get my food from the grocery store, my clothes from Macy’s, and my alcohol from the bar next door. Like really, who needs truckers? There’s more to the world than just Amazon.

Even Doordash and Uber Eats deliver my food in cars, duh! And if I need to go anywhere, I take a cab or an Uber, all cars.

I don’t know what the big deal is. All those big trucks are like good for is moving like your whole house. I’m not moving anytime soon, and even if I did, how would they get an apartment in a truck? Some people are like so stupid.”

This has been Personal Reflections with AOC.

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