Protesting Trucker Convoy Expands to New Zealand! Hundreds Drown!

Ottawa – The trucker convoy that crossed the breadth of Canada into Ottawa in protest over Prime Minister Trudeau’s mandates has taken a turn south. Thousands of truckers have left Canada to bring the protest to New Zealand where the tyranny is growing there at an alarming rate.

We asked a local trucker headed to New Zealand why he’s driving there. Here’s what he said:

“We all have to stick together, ay. We’re going to drive down there and show them Nazis that we’re the backbone of the world! We don’t take kindly to being told what we can and cannot do. When we get there, we’re gonna make sure that the government knows the average working man is in charge, ay. 

We’re not worried about the drive either. We have enough food and fuel to last a month, ay. We should make it there in about a week if we drive 18 hours a day! Save Canada! Fuck Trudeau!”

Unfortunately, hundreds of truckers drowned while trying to cross the ocean in their trucks. A for effort, F for execution, ay.

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