Republicans Propose Elections Be Every Two Months to Prevent Democrat Policies from Taking Hold.

Washington DC – Texas Senator, Ted Cruz (R), introduced a bill that elections be held every two months rather than every two, four, or six-year period. With this legislation, Cruz hopes to prevent capricious Democrat policies from taking hold, especially the policies that hurt the American people.

The following is a quote from his latest session in Congress explaining how the bill works:

“It’s funny, amazingly, policies created by the Democratic party seem to magically vanish in the months before an election. Take mask mandates. Up until now, mask mandates were all the rage in blue states. In fact, the mandates seemed to be getting more severe in Democrat-controlled states.

Now, just months before the midterm elections, the blue states just suddenly dropped these mandates for no reason whatsoever. Nothing has changed. The science hasn’t changed, the CDC recommendations haven’t changed. Not a damned thing has changed! So why the change of heart? What is it that made all these states do an instant 180? The midterm elections, that’s what.

I propose we have elections every two months. If this were the case, there would be no time for any Democrat to enact a failed policy ever again. People’s memories are getting shorter and shorter every day. This bill will ensure that people do not forget when it comes time to vote.

Simply put, there will be no time for any Democrat to create a ludicrous rule, suddenly repeal it, and then have the voters forget what they did. If we shorten the election cycle, the voters will remember. Enacting bad policies would be virtually impossible if an election is always just around the corner.

Thank you. I yield my time.”

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