Senator Mike Lee Introduces Bill to Stop Voter Fraud. Demands All Ballots Be Printed in Cursive.

SLC – Senator Mike Lee of Utah introduced a bill to Congress last week to help prevent voter fraud.

At its heart, the bill would require that all ballots be printed in cursive, thus insuring that people under the age of 40 cannot read or comprehend specific candidates. Senator Lee explained:

“If ballots are printed in cursive writing, the younger generation, who has been completely indoctrinated by the public school system, will not be able to distinguish Republican candidates from Democrat candidates. If ballots become illegally fabricated, no one will understand which candidate is which. Duplicating ballots with the candidate of their choice will be left up to chance at best. Cursive to the younger generation is akin to a computer encryption algorithm. We must utilize this cryptography to our advantage and fight voter fraud as soon as humanly possible.”

Senator Lee went on to explain that all vehicles that transport ballots should be fitted with manual transmissions. He added:

“If all vehicles that transport ballots have manual transmissions, stick shifts, the younger generation will be unable to drive them. Again, this helps prevent voter fraud. If you cannot drive the car that carries illegal votes to the counting stations, they cannot be counted.”

The bill is quickly gaining traction and headed to a vote next week.

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