Snow White and Seven Dwarfs to get Woke Makeover.

Orlando – Nothing is immune from the virus of woke culture, not even Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Last week, Disney announced that the popular characters would be getting a more inclusive makeover to keep up with the times. Here’s what we know about the characters so far:

  • Snow White will be Latinx with shorter hair and will be known simply as, Snow
  • The dwarfs will be vertically-challenged people of various ethnicities, genders and ages. Their new names are as follows:
    • Doc is now, Spiritual Healer (Muslim)
    • Grumpy is now, Toothache (Transgender)
    • Bashful is now, Paranoid (Elderly man)
    • Happy is now, Purple Haze (Young boy)
    • Sleepy is now, Narcolepsy (Asian descent)
    • Sneezy is now, Allergy Prone (Ginger)
    • Dopey is now, Learning Challenged (Elderly Black man)

We don’t yet know the storyline of this new version, but we understand Prince Charming will also be transgender, non-binary, and a pansexual.


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