Solar and Wind Power Failing! Biden Issues Executive Order To Keep Sun Shining and Wind Blowing!

Washington DC – The Elites in DC have determined that the Green New Deal is the only way to go to save the planet we call, Earth. As of 2021, President Brain-Dead Biden has issued numerous executive orders that closed fossil fuel plants and replaced them with wind and solar farms. The problem is, there’s not a whole lot of wind and sun these days and brownouts are becoming a common occurrence.

By executive decree, Brain-Dead Biden ordered that the sun shine 24 hours a day and the wind blow non-stop for a minimum of five years. When asked about this plan, he had this to say,

“C’mon man. That Corn-Pop dude blew hot air and the green new fisheries are tantamount to electric racist senators because of vanilla pudding. Now get back to work and blow damn it!”

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