Stephen Colbert Calls for the Senate to be Removed.

NYC – Late night host, Stephen Colbert, recently told Elizabeth Warren that the Senate should be removed because they cannot get anything done. He was serious because he said as much.

Perhaps this giant of politics should consider that things are supposed to move slowly in government. Additionally, Mr. Colbert should consider the fact that what he wants done is simply not acceptable to the American people. This is what a democratic republic is. It’s that thing Democrats are always whining about.

Mr. Colbert, rather than whine that the senate is not getting what you want done, consider that “thing” is not getting done because most of the American people do not want it to get done.

In other words, rather than remove the obstruction (the senate), come up with better ideas and policies that the majority of the American people can get behind and support.

This is what democracy is all about – policies being adopted that have the most support by the most people. You are advocating for an oligarchy, at best.

But I don’t blame you. We really shouldn’t expect our court jesters in cheap suits to be intellectual luminaries. You’re nowhere near as bright as President Biden.

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