Video: Joe Rogan Hunts and Kills Triceratops! Liberals Outraged!

Hollywood – Liberals are up in arms over Joe Rogan flying to Africa last weekend to hunt and kill the endangered Triceratops.

Liberal Congresswoman, Maxine Waters had this to say:

“This is an outrage! He’s supposed to be one of us! Who the hell does he think he is flying off to my country and killing my animals just because he wants a trophy. That triceratops is one of the last of its kind! He shou

ld be thrown in jail!”

Dimwit AOC had this to say as she began to tear up:

“This is just terrible. That animal was so beautiful. I just can’t believe he would do such a thing. Like, he says he’s not even gonna eat it. Then why kill it? He’s probably the same guy who enjoys cutting the wings off buffalo just so we can have tasty snacks. How many buffalo have to be flightless before we stop doing this to them? I, I, can’t anymore. Thank you.”

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