Supreme Court Again Working From Home. Fears Exposure to Constitution and Facts.

Washington DC – In a surprise 5 to 4 vote, the liberal Justices of the Supreme Court voted to work from home for fear they would be exposed to the Constitution as well as factual news.

Late last week, Justice Sonia Sotomayer suggested that over 100,000 kids were in the hospital and on ventilators due to COVID-19 infections running rampant. Technically, she was off by about 98,000 children, but that didn’t dissuade her from voting to work from home to avoid the facts and, “having the Constitution thrown in her face all the time.”

When asked about the Constitution and her strategy in examining cases before the court, Sotomayer said:

“Facts are all well and good, and so is the constitution, but we must understand how the people of America are feeling if we are to make the correct rulings. The late Justice Ginsburg was famous for turning to the constitutions of other countries while giving America’s constitution little weight. She was correct in doing so. We are a people of the earth, not just this country. And facts change daily. One day you’re in DC, the next you’re in New York. One day a hundred-thousand kids are dying in the hospital, the next they’re all healthy and out playing with gender-neutral dolls.

We need to be flexible. Justice Ginsburg was a pioneer regarding flexibility in her rulings. I want to be remembered just like she’s remembered; someone who’s flexible, looks at all the constitutions of the world, and understands that facts change often.”

Justice Clarence Thomas was seen wiping a tear from his eye.

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