Tesla Now Selling Portable Backup Generators!

Houston – Tesla has been under fire recently for having a less than desirable driving range of about 300 miles. The engineers over at Tesla have come up with an ingenious way to extend that range to close to 400 miles…a portable generator that is towed behind the car!

The generator weighs in at just over 1,000lbs, which, when in tow, decreases the range of the average Tesla by about 200 miles; however, the average mileage added by the gas-powered generator is close to 300 miles, increasing the effective range of the all-electric car by a total of about 100 miles.

Another added benefit of this new generator is that it can be refueled at a typical gas station in minutes, as opposed to the eight hours it takes to recharge the car, assuming you can find a charging station along your route.

Rumor has it that Tesla is working on a car with this gas-powered generator already built-in the car with no external hook-ups needed. Perhaps one day, and we’re speculating, Tesla can devise a car that will be completely gas powered and get a range of 500 miles or more.

They’re also said to be working on solar-powered lightbulbs and wind operated fans so who knows what the future holds! Dare to dream!

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