Texas Governor Adding Electric Fence to Southern Border Wall!

Austin – This past Friday, the Texas governor announced that he will not only complete the southern border wall by the end of 2022, he will also add an electric fence capable of, “…killing anyone who touches it on contact.

When asked why an electric fence was needed, Governor Abbott said:

“President Trump was on the right path when he started building our border wall. Unfortunately, democrats and liberals prevented him from completing his mission. And now, Biden has just completely opened our border to anyone and their abuela. As governor, it is my job to protect the people of Texas from everyone breaking into our state illegally. An electric fence, in addition to the steel and concrete wall, will act as a deterrent for the second hombre who tries to touch it – and every other idiot thereafter. Think about it. The first amigo touches it, he fries and dies. No sane person will come near our border ever again once they start seeing the sparks fly! So we have the scare factor going for us, that’s a plus. Additionally, this will free up thousands of our agents to go after the illegal aliens already within our borders because they won’t be needed to guard the border and watch thousands of Mexicans get turned into fried burritos. Our agents don’t wanna see that. You pickin’ up what I’m throwin’ down?”

When asked if an electric fence that kills was a humane way to treat people, the governor replied:

“Absolutely! Listen, it’s not like we don’t have warning signs on the fence in both Mexican and American. We do. If someone tries to break into our country and either can’t read or simply ignores the warnings, does that person really deserve to live in Texas? C’mon, this is common sense. They know it’s illegal and they break our laws anyway? If they get zapped and die while committing these crimes, oh well. Welcome to Texas. See, we remember the Alamo down here.”

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