Tom Brady Retires From NFL to Pursue Career in Hip-Hop.

New York – Seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback, Tom Brady, has finally decided to call it quits after 22 years in the NFL. He decided to retire at this point because his family was concerned about him getting injured while playing football at such an old age, 44.

Brady decided to start a new career in rap music, or hip-hop – we don’t know the difference. With the support of hip-hop mentor, Jay-Z, Brady hopes to make it big in the hip-hop world.

We asked Tom about this career change and he responded by freestyling:

Bus’ it, bus ‘it
Yoooo, Check 1, 2
Check 1,2
Come on people
Let’s clap along to the beat
And get up outta your seat
I’ll have your grandmother saying
“Oh he’s neat”
But your mom’ll say “he’s a freak when it comes to the sheets”
I’ll burn you with this fire
You know I got the heat
But shit…..I ain’t got a beat

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