TSA Accepts Arrest Warrants as Legal Form of ID from Illegal Aliens. ID Rights Expanded.

Washington DC – Last week, the news reported that TSA agents accepted the arrest warrants of illegal aliens as a valid form of identification. This prompted New York Senator, Chuck Schumer, to act fast and introduce new legislation to expand on this. Senator Schumer made the following announcement:

“Today, I am introducing legislation that allows for undocumented migrants to use the following documentation as legal forms of identification: arrest warrants, mugshots, death certificates, bus and train tickets, Wal-Mart receipts, Starbucks coffee with their names written on the cups, and finally, a photo of graffiti they created and signed. Once we pass this bill, all of our brothers and sisters will be able to legally vote Democrat without fear of being turned away by Republicans.”

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, added:

“Mr. Schumer, on the matter of voting and identification, you should also note that simply pointing to their candidate of choice on a ballot is enough for that vote to be counted.”

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