TV Execs Admit to Discriminating Against Straight White People in Leaked Letter!

New York – Television executives have been caught red-handed. In a leaked document between the heads of three major networks, Two CEOs have admitted that they, “…do not want to see any straight, good-looking, white people in any television show or commercial anymore! We need gays, lesbians, bull dikes, interracial homos, all of ’em. Just no more straight whites! It sickens me… all these Christian goodie-goodies.”

The letter goes on to say:

For too long, our demographic has represented the majority of this country and made us billions of dollars off of the average, good-looking, white American. This has got to stop! It’s time we embrace black homosexuals. The uglier the better!”

A picture of Leslie Jones was attached to the letter. (See below).

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